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Resolution of the International Social and Scientific Conference “75 years of the Roerich Pact”

The Philosophy of Living Ethics and Its Interpreters

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Scary Story of the Oriental Museum

The Roerichs’ Heritage: Inventions and Faxes




The Latvian Department of the International Center of the Roerichs is a public cultural and educational organization which is constant structural part of the International Center of the Roerichs (ICR) – the international public organization created on Svetoslav Roerich’s initiative – Nicholas Roerich Public Museum included in the structure of the ICR.
ICR is a non-governmental public organization, associate member of the UNO.

The Latvian Department of the ICR conducts its activities in the Republic of Latvia

The main aims of the Latvian Department establishment and activities are:

     support of study, preservation, and popularization of the Roerichs family creative heritage which is a part of the world culture and has interest and value for all nations populating our planet;

     support of personality development, comprehension and implementation of high Roerichs’ ideas of humanism and peace, perception and comprehension of universal human cultural values;

     uniting efforts and coordination of organizations and individuals’ activities aimed at the study, preservation, and popularization of the Roerich family unique creative heritage;

     comprehensive development and deepening of International mutual understanding and collaboration, strengthening cultural and scientific relations between peoples and states on the basis of the Roerichs’ humanistic ideas;

     conducting peace-making activities, support of strengthening friendship and accord between peoples, prevention of social, national, religious conflicts, popularization of the “Roerich’s Pact” and “Banner of Peace” ideas.












For contacts: info@rerihs.lv